NSAI: Ones To Watch

Congratulations to songwriters Tom Bohn, Bill Robbins, and Tony Annunziata on being recognized as “Ones To Watch” as part of the Nashville Songwriters Association’s E.A.R.S. (Evaluation, Awards & Recognition System) program!  The NSAI has many opportunities for writers to improve their craft and it’s great to see these talented Atlanta writers getting their due peer recognition.


Moby In The Morning – New CD

I’m sorry that there was a newsletter omission about a new CD album release.  Radio personality (and newly elected Country Music Hall of Fame DJ legend) Moby in The Morning released a new gospel CD last December: God’s Golden Gift of Grace. The album was tracked, mixed and produced here with the help of Tommy Dodd on steel guitar. There are some pretty unique arrangements of traditional gospel songs here, and if you’re a Moby fan, you’ll definitely want to get it.

December 2010 Newsletter is out!

The newsletter for 12/31/10 is here.  This is the first time I’ve posted an online link to the newsletter from my blog, so it will be interesting to see if this works like I hope it will.  If you’ve subscribed to the blog (entered your email address, typed in the captcha, and followed through with the confirmation email) then you should be getting this little announcement.  Like all things technological, I don’t trust them until I’ve seen it for myself.  Then I’ll be amazed! So I’ve subscribed to my own blog to see what kind of notice I’ll be getting when this is published.  My web designer, Glenn Jensen must be rolling his eyes right now…

New Features

There are a couple of new features that have been added to the home page of the web site.

On the right hand side is a “Buy Now” button where you or someone who loves you can purchase a gift certificate of studio time. Time is available in increments of one hour at $50/hour, with discounts given for 5-hour blocks and above.

At the bottom on the left is where you can sign up and subscribe to my blog. First of all, this keeps you in the loop whenever I have a flash of insight that I’d like to share with everyone.  Second, my future newsletters will be posted to the blog rather than being delivered by an email blast. This will make composition and delivery of the newsletter a much more efficient process.  Please take the time to sign up for the blog today.  Thanks!