October 2016 Newsletter Available Now!

Here is the long-awaited October 2016 Newsletter!

Due to the number of clients I need to reach, I’ve been using Constant Contact to send out the newsletters for a couple of years now. Natively it’s an HTML page that is embedded in the emails, but Russ Still suggested that I put it on the blog along with the other newsletters. So I dug in, and did a hack job of editing the HTML in MS Word, and exported it as a PDF.

The original emailed newsletter was riddled with problems – all of the links for the CD artists were from the previous newsletter, the information for Preston Camp Jr’s CD was totally wrong, etc. Diane had proof-read it and I had made the corrections – or so I thought. Anyway, I had to send a second corrected email on behalf of the CD artists.

This is the corrected version of the newsletter with all of the links working and the artist information intact. Thanks to Diane for helping out. Thanks to Russ for suggesting this. Thanks to Thomas Oliver for kindly mentioning that the EP I had linked to was not the one that we created (but if you’d like to see what Thomas is up to, you can find it here! And especially, thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of working with so far in 2016.