Billboard’s Top 140 Music Characters to follow

I saw this article a couple of weeks ago and meant to repost it right away.  Shame on me!  Billlboard magazine published their list of the top 140 music business people on Twitter that you should follow. The link is here.

Maybe you’ve dismissed Twitter as just too much information about nothing. It certainly can be.  But it can also be a valuable source of information for you.  Kind of like hanging around with people whom you feel have something important to say.  And the people that Billboard has chosen fit that category.

One of the people on the list is a futurist who I follow – Gerd Leonhard.  I read his blog, sure.  But following his tweets is kind of like looking over his shoulder and discovering where he gets the information that leads to his thinking.

Signing up for Twitter is free and it doesn’t mean you have to fill up your day posting tweets.  You can simply follow someone who interests you.  Another person I follow is someone I discovered from another person’s tweet – the songwriter Bonnie McKee.  When I found out about her, Katy Perry was a week away from her number one hit with Bonnie’s song, “California Gurls.”  I love the way she looks at the world.

Those of you with smartphones probably don’t need any other tools to help manage and organize your tweets, but for desktop users like me, there’s  TweetDeck. TweetDeck brings Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace updates all together in one interface. It’s very easy to see what’s been posted, to add comments or Facebook “likes”, and to create new tweets and updates directly from the program.

There’s a terrific amount of living knowledge out there that you can tap into for free.  The Billboard list is a great link to tap into some of the best minds in our business.

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