Mobile apps – new frontiers in hacking

I’m a PC.  Have been since 1984.  That’s not to say I never wanted a Mac.  I’ve always thought they were a step ahead with GUI’s and ease of use.  But I’ve always balked at being limited to only using Apple products, watching “the bomb” crash your system with no way of tweaking the innards, and paying twice as much to get the same computing power as a PC.

Hackers have pretty much left Apple operating systems alone, but that’s changing.  Soon, I predict Mac users will be investing in anti-virus software just like their PC counterparts.  But now, because of the iPhone, Apple may become just as distrusted as Microsoft.

This article, Six Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPhone, makes it clear that the idea of a company dictating to a user what they can and cannot load on their own mobile device is a source of rebellion against that company. The telcos and mobile device manufacturers have in a sense become the new “record companies,” dictating top-down to their consumers in order to keep some kind of control over the profits generated by their technologies. And Google keeps rolling along with their open source apps, making money off of everyone.